International Business Colloquium

Hosted by Azusa Pacific University

The International Business Colloquium

is an engaging and interactive experience that

includes speaker sessions, workshop student discussions,

and student presentations via time zone-friendly, live-streamed events.

Speaker Sessions

Meet our speakers and read their biographies.


Teams of students will work through guided sessions to develop a presentation. 

Student Presentations

The teams of students will then present their work through moderated discussions.

The goal of colloquium is to bring global leaders together

to study landmark case studies. ❞

The International Business Colloquium was started in 2020 and originally hosted by Azusa Pacific University and co-hosted by Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences to provide an international experience for their students. Due to the online nature of the colloquium, professors are still able to continue bringing powerful messages to an international, scholarly audience around the world. We are excited to use event spaces and virtual technology to bring a professional student experience provided by experts around the world.

Since the original iteration in 2020, we have continued to scale the event and add participating universities for a richer international experience and extended collegiality.

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Students Reviews

 "This program was the best opportunity to develop my intercultural competency skills and listen to international students share new ideas with me."

"Being exposed to people who are studying global business from a completely different cultural perspective was a really cool moment in the term."

"Seeing the diversity within the groups was a good way to see that global business is all over the world and anyone from any country can be involved in globalization.”

“The IBC was truly something unique and different than I have ever been a part of…”


Present and Past Participating Universities

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, California, USA 


Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Tunghai University

Taichung City, Taiwan


LCC International University

Klaipėda, Lithuania


Hope Africa University

Songa, Gitega, Burundi


The American College | Madurai

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India


Universidad Panamericana

Mexico City, Mexico



Jerusalem, Israel